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We are specialized in the production of synthetic tarpaulin products /PVC coated/. Our main products are large-sized. We have a well-equipped workshop with machines for high-frequency welding, qualified specialists and more than 15 years experience. We produce the following groups of products:

We produce windshield curtains for sheds and barbecues. We offer a variety of thicknesses of PVC crystal, colors of edging, mounting accessories.

We have developed a separate web site Www.Zavesi.Net in which you can enter the dimensions of the curtains you need and get a price offer.

This is an online store with attractive prices, additional discount for online ordering and free delivery to Econt office.

Price Calculators
For the products below, you can get an online offer after entering the data required for the calculation. Use the left and right arrows to see all the products for which you can calculate a price. For other products (for example sliding roof or curtains for semi-trailers) we have fixed prices, which you can see in the section "Truck covers"

HH-66 is the best adhesive for flexible PVC products. It is a special cement for joining and repairing truck tarpaulins, awnings, or pool covers, inflatable toys, artificial leather.

HH-66 Vinyl Cement is developed and manufactured by the American company R-H Products Co. We are the official importer of the vinyl cement for Bulgaria.

You can buy the vinyl cement from our specialized online store .

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