Common tarpaulin for semi-trailer

The vehicle must come to our base in the town of Byala, region Ruse to make the product exactly on it and to install it.

You can request a date to come and make it. Once you have completed the order, we will contact you to confirm the date.

You can also call us directly / see the Contacts menu / to save the production date .

  • Value: 1,500.00 лв. ex VAT

Common /whole/ tarpaulin for a semi-trailer - made of synthetic tarpaulin weighing 700 g / sq.m. All parts of the tarpaulin that come into contact with the metal structure are reinforced.

The price includes all accessories permanently attached to the tarpaulin - belts, metal rings, plates.

Accessories that are not included - sealing rope, tensioning strap with elastic, straps for burying to the sprigs, plates /mounted on the ropes/. These are accessories that you usually have as part of the trailer's equipment.

At the customer's request, we can place an additional tensioning tape with an elastic band, which stretches the tarpaulin better and is necessary in case of significant differences in the heights of the columns. This tape increases the price of the cover by BGN 116.00 without VAT.

Tensioning strap with elastic

At the customer's request, we can place a reflective horizontal strip over the lower hardware of the cover. It increases the value of the cover by BGN 130.00 without VAT.

Reflective tape

Technical data
Type of fabric 700g/sqm