Tarp repair

Tarp repair

Repairs are maked at our base in the town of Byala, region Ruse .

Call us to request a date to come and we will do it.

Contact us:

tel. 0885 110 984

tel. 0879 031 700

E-mail: office@pokrivala.bg

We repair damaged tarpaulins. The possibility of repair is determined after inspection of the cover.

The quality of the repair strongly depends on the age of the tarpaulin. With old covers, the coated PVC layer used for gluing is worn out and gluing is very difficult. For this reason, we do not recommend major repairs to tarpaulins older than 3 years. We cannot guarantee gluing to an old tarpaulin.

The cost of the repair depends on the time required and the additional materials used. This value is finally determined after the repair. We can only give an approximate price in advance.

Repairs are usually done by heat / hot air / gluing.

For older covers, when it is impossible to use heat bonding, HH-66 Vinyl Cement tarpaulin adhesive is used. It is manufactured by the American company RH Adhesives.

You can order glue from the site HH66.eu and try to make the necessary repairs yourself. See how: